Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool 3 - videos and blogs


I previously had a YOUTUBE account and it was banned because of copyright infringement.  I filed a counter claim because of the ideas that were in question were not copyright violations.  Either way, i lost the argument after filing all the necessary paper work and all of my videos were lost.  A lesson was gained or learned though, in the process. Make sure every bit of video, whether song or words, that come from any place else, is documented.  Done deal.

I went to other video websites such as teacher tube and school tube in search of clips that i could use for my classroom.  My English class is more than just reading and writing.  I expect that my students learn real life applications.  I expect my students to learn about their own innocence and how their decisions affect more than just themselves.  Hopefully this will help them to understand life a bit more clearly.

Here are a couple of videos that could be used in class.

Community service or is it?

Willy Shakes project ideas (Shakespeare)



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