Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool 6 Google docs and Twitter

For the 6th tool i found that Twitter and Google Docs could work best for me.  I went to twitter and created a screen name and then was up and running.  I can give the students my twitter and ask them to add me.  They would have real time updates for homework, answering questions, and as well giving feedback.  Excellent tool for more than just assignments though.  It helps students get in touch with each other as well as celebrities.  They could do multiple writing assignments pertaining to the updates they receive via twitter or possibly trying to get someone famous to reply to their comments.

With Google Docs i could have a digital classroom in a matter of moments.  Students could pair this with and then have grades and worksheets at their monitor at all times.  If students are going to be using their smart phones and laptops all the time, may as well have an outlet to be more productive with Google docs.

twitter update number one