Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tool 7 Collaboration

I think working together with other schools is phenomenal.  Since i have recent history with prior schools within the last 3 years I found it easy to work with a neighboring school and same grade level.  The idea is to implement an assignment that covers Freshman English and "The Hero's Journey".

---The project will cover the basics of "The Hero's Journey" while having students use their creativity to show depth of understanding.
---The project will be implemented after the staar Exam.
--- I plan on using Animoto and Googledocs to share information and then post it all on YOUTUBE. Winners will be determined by the most views.
--- This project will show a hero go on their journey and all the steps involved in it.  The steps will be labeled on the Annimoto and as well so will the minor parts that relate to the journey.
--- The classroom will be Clements High School and an English I advanced class which is what I teach.

we shall see...


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