Sunday, March 18, 2012

TOOL 8 Ipads and Netbooks


Setting up Itunes accounts and using the camera for possible ideas like skype were new to me.  The itunes account usage without a credit card is something I did not know we could go without.  Ahhhh, saved me a ton of money.

For the Ipad usage i plan on buying a DONGLE and using the Ipad to possibly connect it to they Activboard.  Without a DONGLE i only have basic usage with a single IPAD and would be forced to use the Ipad as a reward such as words with friends (SPRINGBRANCH ISD APPROVED APP) or the flashcards when students finished early.  Since there is a DONGLE for as low as 15 bucks then i can do so much more.
......... DONGLE.

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