Sunday, March 18, 2012

TOOL 10 Digital Citizenship

Being a good digital citizen is essential these days.  I would want students to understand the negativity that can easily encircle the youth these days by simply clicking on the wrong website.  I would want my students to understand the maturity it takes to surf the web without falling prey to forwarding malicious emails that could contain viruses.  As well, I want students to understand that we all are responsible for what we put on the web whether positive or negative.  So going through a mandatory morals and ethics lesson and signing a no online bullying contract will hold students accountable for their actions.
Parents need to also be informed of digital citizenship if the students lessons will be based on online usage and technology.  I would then create a google doc explaining my blog and what digital citizenship is and how it effects us all.  I would then have a link inside of that document that leads to my blog and have the parents click on it and comment in my blog saying that they received the information.  I would make this the first digital grade all students would receive.
Welcome to O-101 digital classroom.

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