Sunday, March 18, 2012


Technology is great and needs to be incorporated into every week lessons because students need the interactivity.  This is the environment in which society has thrust upon them therefore we need to do the same in the classroom.

If we dont hold students accountable then they will lose, break, or steal the wonderful gifts they have.  As well when they are accountable they have a sense of ownership of their learning.

THINKFINITY and TENMARKS are both sites that I can use in my classroom.  I can have students use these for simply vocabulary or interactive learning.

APPS I can use on my ipad are Words with friends and Flashcards +.  This helps students expand their simple knowledge base while still having fun doing so.

The interactive whiteboard can save me time if I purchase a DONGLE.  I can use this app and make entire lessons and not have to say a word.  The interactive whiteboard can have lessons planned and played while i catch up on grading, monitor students more closely, or even give extra to those who finish early.

almost there...

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