Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tool 11 - or 11 tools... meh...

My favorite tool is the Google Docs and Annimoto because i can always take those ideas and implement them into my everyday classroom.  In my previous blog post i talked about getting parents to go to a shared google doc, have a link that will take them to my blog, read my blog, make a comment, and give the students their first grade that way.

Learning in the classroom does not have to be traditional.  there are tons of E-books and other types of electronic studying tools that kids can use besides taking notes and learning the material that way.

The unexpected outcome was that there was a wealth of information that proved useful.  As well,


TOOL 10 Digital Citizenship

Being a good digital citizen is essential these days.  I would want students to understand the negativity that can easily encircle the youth these days by simply clicking on the wrong website.  I would want my students to understand the maturity it takes to surf the web without falling prey to forwarding malicious emails that could contain viruses.  As well, I want students to understand that we all are responsible for what we put on the web whether positive or negative.  So going through a mandatory morals and ethics lesson and signing a no online bullying contract will hold students accountable for their actions.
Parents need to also be informed of digital citizenship if the students lessons will be based on online usage and technology.  I would then create a google doc explaining my blog and what digital citizenship is and how it effects us all.  I would then have a link inside of that document that leads to my blog and have the parents click on it and comment in my blog saying that they received the information.  I would make this the first digital grade all students would receive.
Welcome to O-101 digital classroom.


Technology is great and needs to be incorporated into every week lessons because students need the interactivity.  This is the environment in which society has thrust upon them therefore we need to do the same in the classroom.

If we dont hold students accountable then they will lose, break, or steal the wonderful gifts they have.  As well when they are accountable they have a sense of ownership of their learning.

THINKFINITY and TENMARKS are both sites that I can use in my classroom.  I can have students use these for simply vocabulary or interactive learning.

APPS I can use on my ipad are Words with friends and Flashcards +.  This helps students expand their simple knowledge base while still having fun doing so.

The interactive whiteboard can save me time if I purchase a DONGLE.  I can use this app and make entire lessons and not have to say a word.  The interactive whiteboard can have lessons planned and played while i catch up on grading, monitor students more closely, or even give extra to those who finish early.

almost there...

TOOL 8 Ipads and Netbooks


Setting up Itunes accounts and using the camera for possible ideas like skype were new to me.  The itunes account usage without a credit card is something I did not know we could go without.  Ahhhh, saved me a ton of money.

For the Ipad usage i plan on buying a DONGLE and using the Ipad to possibly connect it to they Activboard.  Without a DONGLE i only have basic usage with a single IPAD and would be forced to use the Ipad as a reward such as words with friends (SPRINGBRANCH ISD APPROVED APP) or the flashcards when students finished early.  Since there is a DONGLE for as low as 15 bucks then i can do so much more.
......... DONGLE.

Tool 7 Collaboration

I think working together with other schools is phenomenal.  Since i have recent history with prior schools within the last 3 years I found it easy to work with a neighboring school and same grade level.  The idea is to implement an assignment that covers Freshman English and "The Hero's Journey".

---The project will cover the basics of "The Hero's Journey" while having students use their creativity to show depth of understanding.
---The project will be implemented after the staar Exam.
--- I plan on using Animoto and Googledocs to share information and then post it all on YOUTUBE. Winners will be determined by the most views.
--- This project will show a hero go on their journey and all the steps involved in it.  The steps will be labeled on the Annimoto and as well so will the minor parts that relate to the journey.
--- The classroom will be Clements High School and an English I advanced class which is what I teach.

we shall see...


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool 6 Google docs and Twitter

For the 6th tool i found that Twitter and Google Docs could work best for me.  I went to twitter and created a screen name and then was up and running.  I can give the students my twitter and ask them to add me.  They would have real time updates for homework, answering questions, and as well giving feedback.  Excellent tool for more than just assignments though.  It helps students get in touch with each other as well as celebrities.  They could do multiple writing assignments pertaining to the updates they receive via twitter or possibly trying to get someone famous to reply to their comments.

With Google Docs i could have a digital classroom in a matter of moments.  Students could pair this with and then have grades and worksheets at their monitor at all times.  If students are going to be using their smart phones and laptops all the time, may as well have an outlet to be more productive with Google docs.

twitter update number one



tools #5 web 2.0

The web 2.0 tools is a breath of fresh air.  I feel that I am behind in some areas because I have been using archaic methods when it comes to presentations and certain types of projects.  I am now going to incorporate the animoto for the new versions of power points and presentations and as well the MAKEBELIEFS comix for my word wall words.  These two web tools will enhance the students imagination when it comes to English I and as well keep me awake when grading the redundant vocabulary.

Okay.. .I decided to use my wordwall example and here is the link. #1 Word wall "Make Beliefs"

As well here is the annimoto.  This is a random creation. #2 Annimoto for video projects. 


Jason Campbell